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WEB – Van People (Daily7) – Vancouver, 29/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese

Chic Vancouver – After the federal election, Chinese social media platforms have been flooded with opposing views. However, a new topic for debate has surfaced. Left-wing Chinese Canadians are blaming their right-wing counterparts for not following Canada’s values, being short-sighted, and are annoyed by their ways of voting. So what counts as knowing how to vote? The federal government recently released a special voting guide for Muslims, which has upset a lot of Chinese Canadians. Canadian values are more left-wing, this is evident from the nine million votes received by the Liberals, the NDP, and the Green Party combined. In comparison, right-wing parties such as the Conservatives and the People’s Party only received six million votes in total. Because the system is democratic, right-wing Chinese Canadians can still voice their disagreement with left-wing values. Canada needs critical thinkers and active participants in the voting debate. After the election, many left-wing Chinese media were showing off that they chose the winning party, while blaming the right-wing Chinese voters for not being open-minded. But if voters did not vote based on the values they believe in, then what is the point of voting? Speaking of the Muslim voting guide, three scholars from Wilfred Laurier University came together to summarize the party leaders’ performance on key issues. People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier failed in all categories, which is also the reason why he was not elected this election. This election guide not only provided the Muslim community guidance but also inspired other Canadian citizens, encouraging them to rethink several social issues in Canada.

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