Leaders and Parties in the Ethnic Media – Part 3 – Conservative Party – cont. Scheer, the Conservative Party and the immigration elephant in the room

Diversityvotes.ca follows with its series of spotlights on Leaders and Parties with a continuation of how Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and his Party are faring in the multilingual media coverage in the first two weeks in August. We will continue this series with a focus on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, followed by NDP Leader Jagdeep Singh and Green Party’s Elizabeth May.

Tanya Davidson – The Post Millennial

The elephant in the ethnic media room, so to speak, is the concern over immigration quotas and policies.

The media asked Scheer about the three words – orderly, fair and compassionate – in his immigration policy. The Canadian Punjabi Post says the policy addresses neither refugee numbers nor border security, improvements to the process of sponsoring parents and grandparents, or issues concerning international students. According to Scheer, there is a great deal that is hidden in these three words, and he will bring his policy to the public in more detail very soon.1

Yao Yong An in Loving Sister points out that mainstream media asked Scheer about how many immigrants his Conservative Party platform would accept annually. Scheer has not responded yet. In recent years, the Conservative Party has vigorously advocated anti-refugee remarks and condemned legitimate asylum seekers as illegals. Conservative MPs even blame all the immigration and tourism visa issues on cross-border asylum seekers when they speak before Parliament.2

Talking about the federal election, WTOR 770 AM host Yudhvir Jaswal said that we will have to see whether Andrew Scheer does something or waits for voters to cast their vote to support him. Until now, Scheer has not revealed what he actually wants to do. Neither has he revealed his policy on immigration or on climate change.3

From fact to craze: The Chinese media seems to be very concerned about the fact that Syrian refugees will be able to vote. The headlines of the articles are quite inflammatory, and seem to have been triggered by a line in a 680 word National Post article: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/refugees-in-2015-syrians-now-citizens-in-time-for-2019-federal-election

There is a profile of Ahmad Almahmoud, one of 25,000 Syrian refugees who were resettled in Canada between the October 2015 federal election and February 2016. The Chinese media latched on to two dozen words in the original story “More Syrian refugees have landed in the country since then, with Statistics Canada numbers showing almost 60,000 being resettled as of this past February.”

This statement of fact became transformed into alarm in a series of escalating headlines:

  • Syrian refugees who become Canadian citizens will be able to cast federal ballot for first time – Tamil
  • Refugees in 2015, Syrians now citizens in time for 2019 federal election – Filipino
  • Refugees in 2015, Syrians now citizens in time for 2019 federal election – South Asian English
  • Now Canadian citizens, some Syrian refugees able to cast federal ballot for first time – Chinese
  • 60,000 Syrian refugees waiting to become Canadian citizens – Chinese
  • A large number of Syrian refugees who came to Canada in 2015 have already field their citizenship applications, hoping to cast a vote in the fall federal election – Chinese
  • Trudeau expected to take these 2,500 votes! This figure is expected to rise – Chinese
  • Syrian refugees naturalize one after another; expected to become a new force in this year’s federal election – Chinese
  • 897 Syrian-born applicants became Canadian citizens during the first four months of 2019 – Chinese
  • Crazed: 60,000 Syrian refugees are rushing to be naturalized, just to vote in the federal election… – Chinese
  • Canada will change?! 60,000 Syrian refugees line up for naturalization and wait for the October federal election to vote! – Chinese4

Some of the stories carry comments from the audience – perhaps not representative statistically, but indicators of the tone nonetheless:

Syrian refugees queue for Canadian citizenship – Chinese – One Twitter user wrote: “Liberals only hope for a win…refugees and legalized marijuana [sic]…… SAD”. Another Twitter user wrote: “He [sic] thinks he was brought here because of compassion, but the real motive of the government was for him to vote Liberal.” One internet post in the comment section of yorkbbs: “Make Justin be a drama teacher again [sic]”. Another comment: “Do not worry, he [sic] is done after Oct. 21”.5

Change in Canada? – Chinese – One comment asked “who is the lesser evil”? Another comment wrote: “Look at Little Potato (Trudeau)! Look at so many refugees around you! Look at the crime rate now! Look at the current gas prices! Look at the current deficit!”6

60,000 Syrian refugees eager to gain Canadian citizenship and voting rights – Chinese – Wang Luo states that Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer publicly criticized Trudeau for treating refugee acceptance like child’s play. He said he has heard complaints, including from new immigrants, about applying for immigration in accordance with rules and procedures. They said since the Liberal government came to power, they have felt offended because many illegal refugees were able to skip the line-up and exploit loopholes to cross the Canadian border.7

60,000 Syrian refugees will gain Canadian citizenship, Trudeau smiles – Chinese – A lot of online users hold a negative attitude about accepting refugees and about the fact that refugees who will be naturalized will participate in voting in the Canadian election. Some people commented that this circumstance is very beneficial for Trudeau. These refugees were brought to Canada because the government was carrying out humanitarianism, but is the real motive of the government to let these refugees vote for the Liberal Party after naturalization?8

Almost a rebuttal, a thoughtful article entitled Understanding why Chinese people and new immigrants are easily fooled byCanada-U.S. Must Read” comments, “After going abroad, I realized the many Chinese people and new immigrants are easily fooled, because the information platforms they read are still WeChat, Weibo and other mainland Chinese social media.” The writer says that not caring about the English media makes it easy for them to fall into all kinds of traps. This year, as Canada’s federal election looms, the writer says that some parties have taken advantage of Chinese people’s reading habits and are being two-faced in the Chinese and English media, making contradictory commitments to different groups and attempting to fish in troubled water. The writer says, for instance on Twitter, Conservative Party leader Scheer has a tough stance and wants to confront China. However, on social media that Chinese people often use, the writer noted that Scheer’s attitude took a 180 turn and says that the Conservative Party has always wanted to maintain good relations with China!9

An incident at a rally allowed Scheer to condemn the ‘racist’ comments by a woman calling to vote for him, Fadi Al Harouni of RCI Arabic reports. However, Chinese writer Bei Hai says that netizens have raised suspicion about the woman Talya Davidson’s real identity – Davidson may be an undercover supporter for the Liberal Party. The goal is to create negative discussion against the Conservative Party; it is not only directed towards Scheer. If that is the truth, this kind of behavior is too low.10


Next week – Ethnic media takes on Trudeau, the Liberal Party, and more!

(~ 1621 words inc. footnotes, Andres Machalski, President, MIREMS Ltd, with files from diversityvotes.ca)

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