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Canadian Muslims urged to vote – Urdu

PRINT – Urdu Post (Weekly) – Toronto, 17/10/2019 – OPINION, Urdu Tariq Makhdoomi – Political activities in Toronto are at a peak. Every federal political party is trying to get as many seats as possible in Toronto. However, anti-Islam and anti-immigrant groups have also come up. In different areas, Muslim and immigrant candidates have been […]

Voting day – Somali

RADIO – CHIN AM 1540 Somali (Weekly) – Toronto, 19/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Somali Canadians take to the polls on Monday, October 21, 2019. As Somali Canadians, it is of vital importance that Somalis across the country exercise their political right and vote for the most responsible party to run the nation. Questions such as who […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 13-20 October

This week about 170 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered: Campaign: The large increase in advance voting was widely covered. The likely impact in Ontario over the Ford government’s unpopularity continued to be subject of analysis. There were a number of articles on candidate signs being defaced. Planned Conservative spending cuts were noted along […]

From National Post: After accusing Tories of fear-mongering in Chinese-language ads, Liberals face same question

The Liberals said the Conservatives were stealing from the ‘American right-wing playbook’ by ‘spreading false information to scare and mislead voters’ After accusing Conservatives of fearmongering in Chinese-language election ads, the Liberals are now facing questions about whether they’re guilty of doing the same thing. A Liberal party ad posted on Facebook this week features […]

Justin Trudeau’s secret plan to legalize hard drugs – Chinese

WEB – Van People (Daily) – Vancouver, 11/10/2019 – ARTICLE, Chinese Wang Luo – Recently, the federal Conservatives have promoted several advertisements on Facebook that target the Chinese population. According to the Conservatives, if Justin Trudeau is re-elected, he will likely legalize hard drugs. In early October, the Conservatives published a bilingual Facebook post that […]

Exposing false information which misleads Chinese voters – Chinese

WEB – Chinese Readers (Weekly) – Vancouver, 13/10/2019 – NEWS, Chinese Jia Xi Wang (westca.com) reported that during the federal election, in addition to various parties exposing some scandals involving the opponents, there is also often misleading information in campaign debates or ads. The Vancouver Sun published an article that exposed the Conservative Party for running […]

Discussion on voter participation – Spanish

RADIO – CHIN 91.9 FM Spanish (Daily) – Toronto, 15/10/2019 – COMMENTARY, Spanish Silvia Mendez, Eric Sifuentes – Radio host Eric Sifuentes said that many people were surprised that the advance voting polls were open on Thanksgiving Monday, but a lot of people did vote. It was a historic day in terms of voter participation, with a 25% higher […]

The Canadian-Muslim Vote launches “Muslim Vote Weekend” – Muslim

WEB – Muslim Link (Monthly) – Ottawa, 09/10/2019 – NEWS, English Canadian Muslim Vote – The Canadian-Muslim Vote (TCMV) is launching its “Muslim Vote Weekend” campaign on Friday, October 11, 2019, with Get Out the Vote sermons in over 100 mosques across six provinces and territories. The campaign will mobilize Muslim voters to the Advance […]

Ethnic Media Election Coverage 7-12 October

This week about 160 election-related articles were analysed. Major issues covered: Immigration: Immigration coverage was dominated by CPC leader Scheer’s proposals to address asylum seekers crossing at Roxham Road and the Safe Third Country Agreement with the USA. There were a number of articles contrasting party positions, particularly with respect to immigration levels and refugees. […]